Ready for a few more photos from our quilting cruise, Batiks and Bali, with Quilt Seminars at Sea?

We had another tour planned with our group.  This time, it was a stop at Komodo Island. . . . the home of Komodo dragons!

Beautiful scenery, as we sailed up to the island


Yes, that is a Komodo Dragon!


Our guide, ready to lead us into the jungle, to see the Komodo Dragons.  The other guide has a forked stick, just in case the dragons get too interested in us.  (Happily, the dragons were happy to just lay in the shade and didn’t pay us much attention.)

Stonework, as we entered the park

(One more blog post from our trip, coming soon!)

Our next tour with our group on our Batiks and Bali quilt cruise with Quilt Seminars at Sea was Bali!

We had a another very special tour planned with our group.  A visit to a Ikat fabric mill!  It was simply fantastic!

Yarn being spun


Design for fabric being set-up


Fabric design is finished


Some of the finished fabric, being used in a slip cover

Entrance of fabric shop. You can see the fabric used in clothing and in the bag.


Piles of Ikat fabric!  (At a fabric market. . . which one do I choose?)


more photos from the fabric  market


different fabrics available for purchase


More batiks, available for purchase

After all that shopping, its time for a lovely lunch!


Our lunch was at a beautiful resort

Beautiful buffet, ready for our group!


Such a lovely place for lunch with our group!

(more photos from our quilting cruise soon!)

Our next port on our Batiks and Bali quilt cruise with Quilt Seminars at Sea was Semerang.

We were greeted at the port by dancers.

Boarded our tour bus and had a very special morning!  We spent the morning at a batik mill, learning how the cloth is woven, designed, wax drawn on by hand, or stamped and then dyed.

fabric being woven on loom

designs being drawn by hand

fabric, ready to be dyed

batiks being stamped

fabric has been dyed


Our group, trying our hand at using a canting and drawing with wax

Not doing too bad!

bowl of cantings (tool used to put wax on the cloth by hand)

beautiful fabrics!

display of fabric, ready for us to purchase


(more photos from our cruise soon!)

We’ve just returned from a fantastic quilt cruise with Quilt Seminars at Sea to Bali!

Our group traveled to Singapore, where we boarded Holland America’s Vista catagory ship, the Volendam. We spent 14 days, sailing around Indonesia, searching for (and buying!) batiks!

We decided to arrive in Singapore a day early and enjoyed walking around Chinatown as well as the Marina.

Sights around Chinatown

Merlion of Singapore, Marina Bay area

Beautiful art as we walked around the city

Marina Bay, Singapore

Time to board our ship, and sail to our first port, Jakarta

Beautiful sunrise, as we sailed into the port of Jakarta


We’ve arrived, boarded our tour bus and our first stop was the largest fabric market in Asia! (Floors and floors and floors of fabric!) We “parked” ourselves in the cotton/batik floor.

What do I pick first?

A few members of our group, buying some fabrics

After lots of fabric buying and a lovely lunch, we had one more stop of our tour, a beautiful department store.  We headed to the 3rd floor, which was filled with fabric, clothing and other items. . .  all batiks

Fabric and clothing for sale.  (Love the lamp shades!)

More fabrics for sale

(More photos from our trip posted soon!)






Ever wonder what happens when you are on a quilting cruise?  

Here’s a little peek at our classes, open sewing time, show and tell, ports of call and going through the Canal from our latest cruise with Quilt Seminars at Sea.

We had a fantastic time with a wonderful group!  Can’t wait to be with them again.

Enjoy the little video.

I’m so excited to see the newest issue of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine!

QNM 12_01_2016

Earlier this year, I posted what I did in a day and mentioned writing a magazine article.  Well, here it is!

The article is called “Using Gradated Fabrics” and is the Quilter’s Workshop section of the magazine.

The article features my Serendipity fabric line as well as several of my quilts using this line.


This is my Diamonds in the Sky runner.  So fun to do and quick to make.  Gradated fabrics make it so easy to find the perfect value.

In the article, I also discuss different ways to use gradated fabrics, pattern suggestions and different types of gradated fabrics.

The layout looks so pretty, love how they were able to include all the graphics into the article.

Quilt seminars at sea logo

2016 Quilt Cruises!

In many of my classes or lectures, people are always interested in exactly what happens on a quilting cruise.  I’ve listed some of the questions I’ve been asked with answers below.

If you have additional questions about any of these cruises, please feel free to email me at  or you can contact Amy with Quilt Seminars at Seas. Her contact information is listed below.

Q:  When are quilting classes held?  

Classes are held during sea days.  This is when we are traveling at sea.  These days are usually “lazy” days with people enjoying different activities around the ship, reading or simply taking it easy.   We use these days to do our favorite thing, quilting!  Classes are scheduled when we are “at sea”, with a nice break during lunch time.

Get-togethers, parties with other quilters, lectures are also scheduled when we are “at sea” or after we’ve left a port.

Q:  Will you have free time?  

Absolutely!  We have lots of free time when we are at a port, in the evenings or even on sea days.  Some people sign up for just one class and relax the other days.  Other people take all the classes they can.  This will be totally up to you.

Q:  What happens when we are at a port?

Classes are not held when we are at a port.  You can spend this time as you wish, wandering the port on your own, take in the sights, or schedule a shore excursions through the ship.  Again, how you spend your time when we are at port is totally up to you.

Sometimes we will schedule a special  excursion for the quilters (and their friends and family) can attend.  Sometimes it is a “shop-hop”, or a visit to a quilt show.

Several years ago, when we traveled to the Mediterranean, we all visited a quilt shop in Istanbul, visited The Grand Bazaar and had a special meal at the spice market.  A very special treat was meeting with members of the Istanbul quilt guild as we visited the quilt shop.  That was a very special treat!

Q:  What if I want to bring a friend or family member?

We often have people bring friends, spouses or family members.  When you are in class, there are plenty of things for them to do on the ship.  You can meet them for lunch, if you wish.  One of my husband’s favorite activity was a ship tour he attended when I was in class.

Q: What classes will be offered?  Do I need to bring my sewing machine?  What about supplies for my class?

You can pick your class from the list of classes offered each day.  Most of the cruises have 3 or 4 teachers, so you will have a variety of classes to pick from.

If the class needs a sewing machine, it will be supplied.

Many of the classes will have a kit, so you don’t need to bring a suitcase full of supplies.  You will be given a small supply list, once you sign up for the class, so you will know just what to bring.

Q:  Why do you love cruising so much?

I fell in love with cruising from my very first cruise.  I love unpacking just once, yet, I get to travel to many different ports.

I love that I don’t have to cook and I will always have a choice for my meals.  I can go to dinner in the main dining room, I can order room service (anytime I wish), I can go to many of the smaller restaurants or even have a casual meal on the Lido deck.

I love the quilting classes, our get-togethers with other quilters in the evenings.  I enjoy spending time in the library in a comfy chair watching the ocean go by. Of course, with some handwork or a good book!  I really love the coffee bar in the library, so I can get my favorite latte whenever I wish.

I love that I have an option for the cabin I want to purchase.  I can save money for more fabric purchases by booking an inside cabin or a cabin with a ocean view.  Or I can splurge and book a cabin with a balcony.  I’ve done both and I’ve enjoyed all the cabins I’ve had.

One of my favorite ocean view room was on an Alaska cruise.  I could lay in bed and watch the water go by.  We sailed on the Inside Passage and the water was as smooth as glass.  One afternoon, I looked out the window and saw a Killer Whale pod swim right by us.  What a treat!

I love all the different places we’ve traveled to and I look forward to many more!

Below I’ve listed my 2016 Quilting Cruises.   I look forward to seeing you soon! (Don’t hesitate to email, if you have questions!)

January 5-19, 2016

Batiks of Bali (Indonesia) 

We have put together a very special, once-in-a-lifetime trip!  We have a few spaces left and would love for you to join us!   Details of our very special activities are below!

10805_QSS_BatikCruise_LargeImage (3)

Bali. A dream come true.  Join me on board Holland America’s ms Volendam for a trip like no other. 

The trip of a lifetime begins and ends in Singapore on a 14-day cruise.  We will visit several different ports in Java, overnight in magical Bali and visit the famed Komodo Island. Specially planned tours will show you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Indonesian fabric industry and visits to fabric markets will give you an opportunity to purchase amazing batiks!

Some of our special activities

  • We will visit the biggest textile market on Jakarta!  (I know I will need an extra suitcase just for this stop!)
  •  Visit traditional Markets
  • See exactly how batiks are made
  • Create your own hand-made batik to take home.
  • While on Bali, we will visit center of Balinese hand-woven fabric
  • We will round out the cruise with a tour to Komodo Island where you can visit the amazing Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat.
  • In addition, I will be presenting two very special lectures about fabric creation.
  • We have shopping time planned and some very special surprises!

Click here for all the exciting  details in this trip of a lifetime!       Or you can click here to see the activities each day.

With a few openings left, don’t miss this amazing trip!

Questions? Call Amy at 866-573-6351 or email for a brochure at




August 14 – 28, 2016

14 Day  Voyage of the Vikings Quilt Cruise!

iceland cruise

Cruise in the wake of early Viking explorers, visiting the culturally rich Northern Isles. Discover historic architecture and picturesque fjords with fellow quilt enthusiasts and award-winning quilt instructors.

For this cruise, we will be aboard Holland America’s brand new ship, the ms Koningsdam!   This brand new ship features features an elegant, two-tiered dining room, the intimate reservations-only Pinnacle Grill, two outdoor swimming pools, The Greenhouse Spa, library, shopping arcade and more! Holland America Line offers over fifty scheduled shipboard activities and many choices of shore excursions in each port. Prepare to be inspired and pampered!

Along the way, we will visit:

  • England – The 2,000 year-old historic city of Newcastle is a story all its own.
  • Scotland – Experience the history of Edinburgh and the beautiful highlands.
  • Iceland – Marvel at volcanic activity, visit the busy fishing port of Isafjordur and take in the vibrant music scene of Reykjavik.
  • Norway – Sail the Fjords and explore the quaint fishing villages.

There’s something wonderful awaiting you in every port of call. To know the exact schedule and route of the cruise, view the detailed itinerary.

This trip is already filling up quickly!  Feel free to have a friend, your spouse or your family join you! Non-quilters are always welcome to join us and will have many activities to pursue while you are in class.

For complete details, click here.  Questions? Call Amy at 866-573-6351 or email for a brochure at

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