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Just like many of you, for the past few week, I’ve been making masks for our local hospital as well as doctor’s offices and many other locations. 

Our hospital requested masks with ties to go over their N-95 masks, to help extend the life of the masks they have.  I’ve made several dozen of those masks.  The other masks I’ve made using elastic. . . which is in short supply.  I’ve managed to use hair ties which as worked well.  Using what I can find and making it work.  😊

As I’ve been working on these masks, I’ve discovered some little thread snips that I forgot I had.  Interesting what you can find once you start digging about.  I love them and have been using them constantly to clip threads. 

The links to both mask patterns can be found here, on my Favorite Things webpage.

I’ve also been working on some new patterns.   Just finished the mini version of my SUMMER STAR – SPRIAL, which is part of my “no diamonds” Lone Star Illusions pattern line. 

I love this little star, done in one color, gradated from light to dark.  Believe it or not, this little quilt really does not have any diamonds in its design .  Click here for more information about the pattern.

The little tea pot and cups with my quilt were purchased on one of our Quilt Seminars at Seas cruise to Bali several years ago.  Many fond memories from that trip! I love picking up little things when I travel.  When I use them at home, I remember the fun I had on that trip. 

In January, we had the opportunity to travel to New Zealand with Quilt Seminars at Sea. We had a wonderful group traveling with us and we saw such beautiful sights!  It was a blast.  Here is a link to a few photos from our trip

I’m looking forward to several up-coming cruises.  April 2021 is our Paris to Normandy river cruise.  Such lovely sights to see and who won’t love to be in Paris in the Spring? 

I know we are going through a difficult time right now.  Thinking of all those who are ill and praying for their quick recovery.  As my grandmother would always say to us, “This isn’t forever and this too will pass.”  She also always reminded us to always wash our hands.   

I enjoyed creating my Celtic Pieced Illusions technique and writing the book. It is beautiful book, filled with many drawings, quilts and patterns.

Here’s a little more information about it:

Piecework enthusiasts rejoice! Now great Celtic designs can be created with only two simple blocks. Quilters traditionally use appliqué to create Celtic designs. Instead, Karen has translated knot work into pieced patterns. She found she can create many Celtic designs with two, three, or more blocks, so the possibilities are unlimited.

Famous for her use of color and color illusion, the author shows how to use color, texture, and value to add excitement to Celtic quilts. She shares her simple design concepts for those who want to design their own Celtic quilts, while providing piecing tips, pressing options, and quilting ideas. Even beginning quiltmakers can tackle these colorful quilt patterns.

It remained in print for over 10 years. Sadly, as happens with most quilt books, it is no longer in print or readily available. . . until now!

I’m so happy to announce Celtic Pieced Illusions is now available as an ebook!

You can see more information by clicking here.

I’ve has created a new way to create Lone Star designs without diamonds and have two new patterns using this technique!

Red, White and Blue Spiral Star 


So easy to do! The quilt is a beautiful spiral of red, white and blue, perfect for the 4th of July or a quilt to honor the military.  You can even select your own three colors to use in this pattern.

 Pattern contains yardage needs, full color cutting needs, sewing instructions and includes two sizes 56″ x 56″ and 24″ x 24″. 

Red, White and Blue Spiral Star

Summer Star Spiral


 Pattern contains yardage needs, full color cutting needs, sewing instructions and includes two sizes 64″ x 64″ and 24″ x 24″. 

Summer Star Spiral Star

To see more details about my Lone Star Illusions booklet, click here.

To see more details about my new Lone Star Illusions patterns, click here.

I’m so pleased to be a Guest Designer with Banyan Batiks (division of Northcott) and I’m very excited to share  my new fabric line. 

As you know, I love designing gradated fabrics and I love designing batiks.  COLORFALL combines both in a very special way.


COLORFALL shades from light to medium to dark, from selvage to selvage, approximately 14″ per value.  However, COLORFALL does something that is new . . .  . we’ve been able to achieve an actual cut-line on the batik!  Now you will know exactly where to cut it apart to work with each value.


Not only that, we’ve been able to add a texture to the gradation!!!!!  This is something never done on a gradated batik.  I’m so excited we’ve been able to achieve this.

The texture of broken dots in a soft undulating line add a bit of interest and movement to the fabric.  It looks fabulous in a quilt!


I’ve been having a blast creating quilts with this new line and will share more in the future.

Here’s my Magic Cubes pattern created in COLORFALL.  The three values on one piece of fabric made piecing this a breeze.

Magic Cubes Colorfall

Here’s a look at the complete collection.
































Click here to see the collection and to order.

New Colorfall Patterns

Magic Cubes Colorfall
Diamonds in the Sky Colorfall
Colorfall Cubes

Quilt Seminars at Sea and I have created a new “Quilt Explorations” cruise, this time we are traveling on a River Cruise!   Starting in Paris and sailing on the river Seine, just a few of our stops include Normandy, Monet’s garden and the charming port town of Honfleur.  History, art, timeless landscapes, stunning architecture and good food fill this itinerary.  

There is already lots of excitement about this cruise, I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!  

 For complete details, visit this link  or call Amy at 866-573-6351

Paris and Normandy River Cruise Quilt Exploration

7 Days • March 25 – April 1, 2021

Paris always sizzles while Normandy beckons. Experience an unforgettable trip with fellow quilters and renowned instructor, Karen Combs.

Paris and Normandy Quilt Exploration

 Each Quilt Explorations cruise revolves around a specific quilting experience presented exclusively by one quilting expert. Intimate and upscale, these unique cruises help you explore quilting in ways you never imagined.

Dear quilters and friends,

Join Karen Combs for an unforgettable journey as you sail from Paris on the beautiful Seine River. Karen is an internationally known quilter, teacher, author and designer who has been nominated by students for Quilt Teacher of the Year in 1995, 2000 & 2005. Teaching since 1989, she is in high demand as a teacher who encourages her students, makes learning fun and makes the complex easy to understand!

A Unique and Exciting Itinerary

Paris always sizzles while Normandy beckons with its stunning coastline, incredible food and artistic beauty. Monet’s Gardens, Rouen’s Cathedral of Notre Dame and the charming harbor town of Honfleur, will inspire you the same way as they inspired the great Impressionists. For inspiration of a different kind, travel the “Routes des Abbayes,” visiting some of the most magnificent monasteries, and to the unforgettable beaches of Normandy where Allied forces landed during WWII’s D-Day invasion. Relive the grandeur of royalty at Château Malmaison, the former home of Napoleon and Josephine Bonaparte, and at Chateau de Bizy, once referred to as “the Versailles of Normandy.” Blend a passion for the good life with culture, art, architecture and timeless landscapes, and you have Northern France.

Itinerary map

With get-togethers with Karen, shopping time and surprises along the way, this will be an unforgettable trip of a lifetime!

Best wishes and hope to see you soon,

Karen Combs

Amy Ross and Kim Hedges
Group Coordinators
Quilt Seminars at Sea

 For complete details, visit this link  or call Amy at 866-573-6351

I’m so looking forward to the AQS QuiltWeek Show in Grand Rapids in August.  Grand Rapids is always a wonderful place to visit and the AQS Show is always a treat to see.

You can find sign up information about each class by clicking on the links below. Many of my classes are kitted so you won’t have to worry about finding the perfects fabrics for the class.  See each description and and photo for more details.

Looking forward to the show and to our classes together!

3-D Patchwork Fun: Transforming Tradition

More Patchwork Illusions (6 hour workshop)

Learn all the tricks and tips to creating 3-D patchwork blocks.  You will also learn how to use color to enhance the 3-D effect and how to use different settings to create amazing quilts of illusion!

If you have taken my Patchwork Illusions class, this is a perfect next step!  I will show you how to add 3-D patchwork into your cubes!  It is so much fun and you will be able to make your own 3-D patchwork cube in class.  So many possibilities!

If you haven’t taken my Patchwork Illusions class, no worries, you won’t miss any trick or tip to create your own 3-D Patchwork Cubes!

The class is kitted with the fabric you will need and I will bring  lots of colors so you can select your favorites.

Chip Out of Every Block

Chip out of Every Bock  (6 hour workshop)

Is this chip going in or does it go out?  A fun quilt of illusion and so simple to make, once you know how.  A throw that can grow to any size you wish!  Let Karen show you how easy it is to create an intriguing quilt of illusion! 

This class is kitted with the cube fabric (and I will bring lots of colors for you to pick from), just bring a background fabric and we are all set for the fabrics.  (Supply list will have details.)

Ice Crystals: 3-D Illusions

Ice Crystals (6 hour workshop)

How did you do that?!   This is what your friends will ask after you take this class. Create this truly stunning 3-D quilt  with Karen’s special rotary cutting techniques,  along with tricks and tips.

A perfect class for a quilter with sewing experience.  (This class is kitted with the fabrics you will need to create this beautiful 3-D quilt.   You can add your background once you are home.)

Learn English Paper Piecing: Tumbling Block Fun

Learn EPP with Karen

It’s old, but its brand new! Hexies and English Paper Piecing are all the rage! Why, because this technique is easy, fast, accurate and best of all, portable, perfect for sitting and stitching, no matter where you are.  (This class is kitted with many of the items you will need, including some fabric to get you started.)

Let Karen show you this popular technique while creating an amazing 3-D quilt. Frankly, Karen avoided this kind of piecing for years…until she tried it. Now she’s hooked and it is her “go-to” take along project. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried it before, we will start at the beginning and learn all the tricks and tips need. CAUTION: You may become addicted!

Transparency in Quilts: Create a Color Illusion

Transparency  (3 hour workshop)

Learn all the secrets to creating the look of transparency in your quilts. Transparency is the use of color to make your quilts look like one color is laying over another. It’s very simple if you know how. After this class, you can amaze your friends and family with your use of color!

Registration is now open and my classes are listed here.

For more information about Grand Rapids Quilt Week, click here. 

I’ve been working on this for quite some time and can finally share the news about my new booklet, Lone Star Illusions!

font cover

The Lone Star quilt is something quilters aspire to make.  However, many  don’t want to tackle diamonds.

IMG_6867 (003)

I’ve created a way to make a Lone Star design with the simple shapes of squares, rectangles and triangles. When they are sewn together, they look just like a Lone Star made with diamonds. . . . it’s a wonderful illusion and so fun to create!

IMG_6881 (002)

Lone Star Illusions contains patterns for 3 beautiful Lone Star designs and each Lone Star design has two sizes.

IMG_6874 (002)

I’m so excited to share this book with you and can’t wait to see your own Lone Star Illusion quilts!

For more information and to order, visit here.

(Shop owners wholesale information is located here.)

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