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One more blog post, from our amazing Batiks and Bali trip with Quilt Seminars at Sea!

After 2 weeks of cruising around Indonesia, seeing amazing sights and buying lots of batiks, it is time to return to Singapore.

We had planned a fun evening tour with our group around Singapore.

We boarded a bus, to take us from our ship to the Marina.

Fun sights on on of the food trucks in Clark Quay


Time to board a boat, for a lovely sail around the Mariana.

The Singapore Merlion, by night

Beautiful skyline!



Our last stop, a fun “Tri-shaw” ride, with our group, around the city.

One of my favorite photos of Rick and I.


Our trip is finished, time to fly home, filled with memories of all the sights we saw and all the new friends we made.  It was a fantastic trip.  A big thank you to all those who joined us for this wonderful journey and for Quilt Seminars at Sea and Troy Corporation/Riverwoods Collection for making it possible!

Ready for a few more photos from our quilting cruise, Batiks and Bali, with Quilt Seminars at Sea?

We had another tour planned with our group.  This time, it was a stop at Komodo Island. . . . the home of Komodo dragons!

Beautiful scenery, as we sailed up to the island


Yes, that is a Komodo Dragon!


Our guide, ready to lead us into the jungle, to see the Komodo Dragons.  The other guide has a forked stick, just in case the dragons get too interested in us.  (Happily, the dragons were happy to just lay in the shade and didn’t pay us much attention.)

Stonework, as we entered the park

(One more blog post from our trip, coming soon!)

Our next tour with our group on our Batiks and Bali quilt cruise with Quilt Seminars at Sea was Bali!

We had a another very special tour planned with our group.  A visit to a Ikat fabric mill!  It was simply fantastic!

Yarn being spun


Design for fabric being set-up


Fabric design is finished


Some of the finished fabric, being used in a slip cover

Entrance of fabric shop. You can see the fabric used in clothing and in the bag.


Piles of Ikat fabric!  (At a fabric market. . . which one do I choose?)


more photos from the fabric  market


different fabrics available for purchase


More batiks, available for purchase

After all that shopping, its time for a lovely lunch!


Our lunch was at a beautiful resort

Beautiful buffet, ready for our group!


Such a lovely place for lunch with our group!

(more photos from our quilting cruise soon!)

Our next port on our Batiks and Bali quilt cruise with Quilt Seminars at Sea was Semerang.

We were greeted at the port by dancers.

Boarded our tour bus and had a very special morning!  We spent the morning at a batik mill, learning how the cloth is woven, designed, wax drawn on by hand, or stamped and then dyed.

fabric being woven on loom

designs being drawn by hand

fabric, ready to be dyed

batiks being stamped

fabric has been dyed


Our group, trying our hand at using a canting and drawing with wax

Not doing too bad!

bowl of cantings (tool used to put wax on the cloth by hand)

beautiful fabrics!

display of fabric, ready for us to purchase


(more photos from our cruise soon!)

We’ve just returned from a fantastic quilt cruise with Quilt Seminars at Sea to Bali!

Our group traveled to Singapore, where we boarded Holland America’s Vista catagory ship, the Volendam. We spent 14 days, sailing around Indonesia, searching for (and buying!) batiks!

We decided to arrive in Singapore a day early and enjoyed walking around Chinatown as well as the Marina.

Sights around Chinatown

Merlion of Singapore, Marina Bay area

Beautiful art as we walked around the city

Marina Bay, Singapore

Time to board our ship, and sail to our first port, Jakarta

Beautiful sunrise, as we sailed into the port of Jakarta


We’ve arrived, boarded our tour bus and our first stop was the largest fabric market in Asia! (Floors and floors and floors of fabric!) We “parked” ourselves in the cotton/batik floor.

What do I pick first?

A few members of our group, buying some fabrics

After lots of fabric buying and a lovely lunch, we had one more stop of our tour, a beautiful department store.  We headed to the 3rd floor, which was filled with fabric, clothing and other items. . .  all batiks

Fabric and clothing for sale.  (Love the lamp shades!)

More fabrics for sale

(More photos from our trip posted soon!)






Ever wonder what happens when you are on a quilting cruise?  

Here’s a little peek at our classes, open sewing time, show and tell, ports of call and going through the Canal from our latest cruise with Quilt Seminars at Sea.

We had a fantastic time with a wonderful group!  Can’t wait to be with them again.

Enjoy the little video.

Karen Combs is a internationally known quilt teacher, author and fabric designer. Visit her web site at http://www.karencombs.com

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