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I’m so looking forward to the AQS QuiltWeek Show in Grand Rapids in August.  Grand Rapids is always a wonderful place to visit and the AQS Show is always a treat to see.

You can find sign up information about each class by clicking on the links below. Many of my classes are kitted so you won’t have to worry about finding the perfects fabrics for the class.  See each description and and photo for more details.

Looking forward to the show and to our classes together!

3-D Patchwork Fun: Transforming Tradition

More Patchwork Illusions (6 hour workshop)

Learn all the tricks and tips to creating 3-D patchwork blocks.  You will also learn how to use color to enhance the 3-D effect and how to use different settings to create amazing quilts of illusion!

If you have taken my Patchwork Illusions class, this is a perfect next step!  I will show you how to add 3-D patchwork into your cubes!  It is so much fun and you will be able to make your own 3-D patchwork cube in class.  So many possibilities!

If you haven’t taken my Patchwork Illusions class, no worries, you won’t miss any trick or tip to create your own 3-D Patchwork Cubes!

The class is kitted with the fabric you will need and I will bring  lots of colors so you can select your favorites.

Chip Out of Every Block

Chip out of Every Bock  (6 hour workshop)

Is this chip going in or does it go out?  A fun quilt of illusion and so simple to make, once you know how.  A throw that can grow to any size you wish!  Let Karen show you how easy it is to create an intriguing quilt of illusion! 

This class is kitted with the cube fabric (and I will bring lots of colors for you to pick from), just bring a background fabric and we are all set for the fabrics.  (Supply list will have details.)

Ice Crystals: 3-D Illusions

Ice Crystals (6 hour workshop)

How did you do that?!   This is what your friends will ask after you take this class. Create this truly stunning 3-D quilt  with Karen’s special rotary cutting techniques,  along with tricks and tips.

A perfect class for a quilter with sewing experience.  (This class is kitted with the fabrics you will need to create this beautiful 3-D quilt.   You can add your background once you are home.)

Learn English Paper Piecing: Tumbling Block Fun

Learn EPP with Karen

It’s old, but its brand new! Hexies and English Paper Piecing are all the rage! Why, because this technique is easy, fast, accurate and best of all, portable, perfect for sitting and stitching, no matter where you are.  (This class is kitted with many of the items you will need, including some fabric to get you started.)

Let Karen show you this popular technique while creating an amazing 3-D quilt. Frankly, Karen avoided this kind of piecing for years…until she tried it. Now she’s hooked and it is her “go-to” take along project. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried it before, we will start at the beginning and learn all the tricks and tips need. CAUTION: You may become addicted!

Transparency in Quilts: Create a Color Illusion

Transparency  (3 hour workshop)

Learn all the secrets to creating the look of transparency in your quilts. Transparency is the use of color to make your quilts look like one color is laying over another. It’s very simple if you know how. After this class, you can amaze your friends and family with your use of color!

Registration is now open and my classes are listed here.

For more information about Grand Rapids Quilt Week, click here. 

I’ve just returned from another fantastic quilting cruise with Quilt Seminars at Sea, this time to Alaska, along The Inside Passage.

It is really hard to put into words or show with a photo the beauty of Alaska, but here are a few photos from our trip.



This has to be one of my favorite shots. . . after a morning of thick fog, we were treated to bright blue skies while we cruised along Glacier Bay.


For more information about our upcoming quilting cruises with Quilt Seminars at Sea, please visit: or my website at


Quilt Exchange Logo - Karen Combs - 1080 x 1080 (IG)

We have a additional way for you to order my patterns and templates – The Quilt Exchange!

They can be shipped worldwide or the patterns can be downloaded instantly!

Currently, there are over 30 patterns available, more will be added in the next few weeks.

Here’s a direct link to see the current patterns available:…/…/karen-combs/

Recently I had the nicest email from Dennis Foster.  he is an amazing kite maker and quilter.

He took my New Directions in Tumbling Blocks class on Craftsy. He used the information he learned in class to make this beautiful kite.

I was blown away by this kite and am so happy he shared it with me.

You can see more of Dennis’s kites (and quilts) on a visit he made to the Amherst Quilter’s Guild.


It as been so much fun, following Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Sew-along!

Here’s a link to the very first post, in case you need any of the patterns:


I’m honored to have my block, Serendipity, block #656 as part of the sew-along. I love my  block in the 6″ size!

I decided to create it in some bright summer colors.  First, pull some Serendipity fabric, to audition my color choices. I love this fabric, it shades from light to medium to dark, all on one piece of fabric.  No more searching for the perfect light or dark, it’s all right here!

I know I’m going to use the golden color, but am not sure if I will add purple with it or the blue.



Hmmm, choices!

Here’s the purple with the gold.


and the blue with the gold. . . . I still can’t decide!


Well, the only thing to do is to press the fabric, cut out both colors and decide from there.




I’ve decided to use the blue and gold, just like a summer sky! I also decided to move the shading around, love this option!

Now to sew together.

First, I like to piece all the triangle units together.  I press the seams open and trim off the “ears” to make the piecing a piece of cake.





Piecing together, loving the colors!



Getting the corners sewing together.



All the “units” are together.  Now to sew into rows.



Almost there!



I need to press my block and then I’m all done and I love it!

Thanks Quiltmaker!




I’m so excited to see the newest issue of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine!

QNM 12_01_2016

Earlier this year, I posted what I did in a day and mentioned writing a magazine article.  Well, here it is!

The article is called “Using Gradated Fabrics” and is the Quilter’s Workshop section of the magazine.

The article features my Serendipity fabric line as well as several of my quilts using this line.


This is my Diamonds in the Sky runner.  So fun to do and quick to make.  Gradated fabrics make it so easy to find the perfect value.

In the article, I also discuss different ways to use gradated fabrics, pattern suggestions and different types of gradated fabrics.

The layout looks so pretty, love how they were able to include all the graphics into the article.

Very soon, my Craftsy class will launch!

I’ve got to tell you, I LOVE Craftsy classes!  Each class is equipped with helpful features like video notes and 30 second repeats.  You can share projects from the class for feedback and tips or browse for inspiration.


Okay, here’s another hint.  . .


wrapped close-up



If you haven’t registered for the free class giveaway, you can click here.  Just a few more days to enter for the free class!  (Please share the giveaway link or this blog post with your quilting friends!)

Hmmm, what could it be?

Stay tuned for one more hint and a few more surprises,  just before my new class launches.


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