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So excited to share this news!   Will share my newest collection as soon as I can.

You can see Banyan Batiks beautiful batiks here!


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Serendipity Fabric Line!

We’ve re-ordered many colors of my Serendipity fabric and they are now back on the website.  At this point, I’m not sure if the fabric will be re-printed, so don’t wait, grab it while you can!

You can see all available the colors of Serendipity. here on our webstore. 




International Quilt Market is held every spring and fall.   Fall Quilt Market is always held in Houston, usually around the middle to the end of October.  Spring Quilt Market is usually held in May and it moves around the country.

This year’s Spring Quilt Market will be held in Minneapolis and it is just around the corner!

It is always exciting to attend Quilt Market, see all the new items being released, seeing old friends, making new ones.

For those of us with booths, it is extra exciting.  The booth needs to be planned, curtains and table coverings made.  Quilts designed and made to showcase new fabric lines and patterns available.  Props and goodies prepared for the booth.  Handouts written and printed.  Patterns designed, illustrated, and printed.  Lots to do, usually in a short time.

The count down has begun! My booth has been packed and shipped.  I will see everything again,  next week during set-up.  I’m working on the last few quilts and will hand carry them with me.  I can’t wait to share them with you.

I will have new fabric collections to share!  I will post photos on my Facebook page while I’m at Market Once I get home, I will share photos here.  If you are going to Market, please stop by my booth #2046 and say hello.

Looking forward to seeing some of you at Market and sharing photos with everyone very soon!

I have used the Electric Quilt software since it first came out in, hmmm I think it was 1991 or so.  The Electric Quilt Company is lovingly known as “EQ”.  The software is now in its seventh version, EQ7 and is still my go-to software.

Recently, they started a new webpage: Do You EQ? and it is just chock full of free downloads, lessons and the like.  I’m honored to be featured as a “Do you EQ” artist.

What a nice surprise to be contacted Sarah at EQ yesterday, she had seen my quilt in October/November issue of The Quilter magazine, using my Knick-Knack fabric line and knew I used EQ7 to create it.

What a nice surprise to see my quilt in their blog today! (EQ blog link)

It’s here!  Serendipity, is my newest fabric collection for Troy’s Riverwoods Collection!

SERENDIPITY is inspired by my love for color gradations, beautiful textures and lovely colors.  This collection features 22 colorways, that gradate from light to dark and back to light.  The gradation layout can be seen above and in the ad below.

Each value is 14″, allowing for multiple cuts. Some of the colors include rich sapphire blue, pumpkin, meadow, sage, olive, lapis, pool, amber and petal. 

Serendipity is NOW available on our webstore!   Click here to visit the webstore.


As a bonus, we have several free projects available for my Serendipity collection.

The first quilt has an intriguing illusion of depth using an easy to piece technique.  You will love how fast this quilt is to make and how beautiful it is!

It is pictured below, features three colorways of Serendipity and each block is outlined in a Midnight Blue fabric. The result is stunning!

Click here for the cover sheet of the pattern:

Serendipity cover sheet

Click here for the project sheet:

Serendipity project sheet



Wish you could make a larger size?  Here it is!  Click here for the project sheet for a double/queen size:

Serendipity projects sheet (double/queen size)

What a busy time!  Quilt Market and Festival is so close!

Fall-2009I will be debuting three new lines. Here is a sneak peek!

My husband, Rick took this photo with my phone!  The UPS package with my fabric samples had arrived and I had spread them out on the kitchen island. I guess you can tell by my grin, I’m excited about the fabrics!I’ll share more details about the fabrics soon!

 So much to do before Market! I’m quickly working on quilt samples for these lines. The patterns are written and the piecing is underway. . . wow, these fabrics are beautiful.  (She said in a most humble fashion.)

Class supplies for my Quilt Festival are being packed. . . fabric, patterns, handouts all need to be sorted, packed and shipped soon.

My Schoolhouse presentation is almost finished and so are my visuals for the presentation.

Now, back to my list!

This week, I had a nice surprise! My sample yardage of my new Shade Cascade colors have arrived!

I’m busy on making more Market samples and a NEW quilt pattern using these new colors.  The new pattern and fabrics will be available on our web store in November.

Now for a sneak peek at the new colors:


CARDINAL – a rich red


SAPPHIRE – an intense and rich blue


SHAMROCK – a clear bright green


SUN – a bright, clear yellow


TEAL – rich and deep


LATTE – yummy coffee color


EVERGREEN – rich blue/green


INK – a intense black, shading to light gray

Karen Combs is a internationally known quilt teacher, author and fabric designer. Visit her web site at

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