I love creating Celtic designs in my quilts.  My book, Celtic Pieced Illusions was the result of that love.


Several days ago, I had an exciting phone call from Andi Reynolds, editor at AQS. . . Celtic Pieced Illusions is going into another printing. I’m so happy and thankful to hear this news!

Love the quilt design above? Well, believe it or not, all my quilts in my Celtic Pieced Illusions book are done with only two blocks, a Connector Block and a Nine-Patch Block!

Connector Block


How’s it done?

I started by laying out the Nine-Patch blocks into a grid.

The magic happens when the Connector Blocks are added.

Twisting the connector blocks around can create different designs.

The possibilities are endless and oh, so easy! Just two examples below, believe it or not, still using only the two blocks.


We’ve put together a video about the book(and neat pinning trick),  it is located here, on my webpage:


Scroll down to the bottom of the page, until you see video tips.

You can see details about the book here, on the AQS website  or here, on my website.