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Serendipity Fabric Line!

We’ve re-ordered many colors of my Serendipity fabric and they are now back on the website.  At this point, I’m not sure if the fabric will be re-printed, so don’t wait, grab it while you can!

You can see all available the colors of Serendipity. here on our webstore. 






We have a new addition to the Serendipity fabric family – Serendipity Color Wheel!

This collection is a variation on the SERENDIPITY collection.  It uses a similar texture and layout as seen in my SERENDIPITY fabric line.  However, this collection blends beautifully around the color wheel, in a  lovely batik-like texture.

Each fabric features 3 colors in an ombre layout.  Color 1 is 7” wide, Color 2 is 7” wide, Color 3 is 14” wide and then it reverses back again.

There are 8 colors in this collection.  Caribbean, Spring, Sunrise and Mist blend around the color wheel in tints (light colors.) Colors Ocean, Summer, Sunrise and Night blend around the color wheel in shades (dark colors. )




Tro-1890/1   Caribbean (tints of blue, blue/green, green)


Tro-1890/2   Spring  (tints of yellow/green, yellow, yellow/orange)


Tro-1890/3   Sunrise (tines of orange, red/orange, red)


Tro-1890/4   Mist (tints of red/violet, violet, blue/violet)





Tro-1890/5   Ocean (shades of blue, blue/green, green)


Tro-1890/6   Summer (shades of yellow/green, yellow, yellow/orange)


Tro-1890/7   Sunset (orange, red/orange, red)


Tro-1890/8   Night (red/violet, violet, blue/violet)


We’ve just added one yard cuts of this beautiful fabric on our webstore, available here.   I can’t wait to create quilts with it!



So excited to see my Serendipity quilt in the December 2012/January 2013  of THE QUILTER! 

Love photo layout and how the quilt was displayed. . . so pretty.

I’ve designed the quilt using my gradated Serendipity fabric line and a light blue from  my Midnight Blue fabric line.


Believe it or not, the quilt uses only 3 gradated fabrics and the light blue fabric from Midnight Blue. . . just love how it looks and wanted to share it.    🙂

I’m honored to be part of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks from today’s top designers, Vol. 6!  This publication is so much fun,  filled to the brim with lovely quilt blocks.

My quilt block is called  Smoky Mountains

This quilt block is inspired by the colors of a  Smoky Mountain winter morning. . . the black of the tree trunks in the distance, the brown of trees close-by, the blue of the sky and the violet of the distant mountains.

To give the quilt depth and interest, I used a light, medium and dark of each color, using my gradated Serendipity fabric line for Troy’s Riverwood Collection.

The block lends itself to beautiful quilts when placed side by side.

By rotating the blocks, a different look is created.

As a special Quilty Treat, follow the 100 Blocks Blog Tour daily from November 5 – 9  at The Quiltmaker Blog Quilty Pleasures for inspiration, ideas and giveaways galore!

Congratulations to Barbara Corbitt of Kentucky!

She is the winner of the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks, Vol 6!

It’s here!  Serendipity, is my newest fabric collection for Troy’s Riverwoods Collection!

SERENDIPITY is inspired by my love for color gradations, beautiful textures and lovely colors.  This collection features 22 colorways, that gradate from light to dark and back to light.  The gradation layout can be seen above and in the ad below.

Each value is 14″, allowing for multiple cuts. Some of the colors include rich sapphire blue, pumpkin, meadow, sage, olive, lapis, pool, amber and petal. 

Serendipity is NOW available on our webstore!   Click here to visit the webstore.


As a bonus, we have several free projects available for my Serendipity collection.

The first quilt has an intriguing illusion of depth using an easy to piece technique.  You will love how fast this quilt is to make and how beautiful it is!

It is pictured below, features three colorways of Serendipity and each block is outlined in a Midnight Blue fabric. The result is stunning!

Click here for the cover sheet of the pattern:

Serendipity cover sheet

Click here for the project sheet:

Serendipity project sheet



Wish you could make a larger size?  Here it is!  Click here for the project sheet for a double/queen size:

Serendipity projects sheet (double/queen size)

I’m thrilled to be included in Volume 5 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks From Today’s Top designers!     (Love seeing my block included on the cover!)

QMMS 120022 COVER shadow 500 Next Week: Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Blog Tour

My block, COMPASS POINT, was inspired by a compass rose and my love of half-square triangles.

The block features Serendipity, my new fabric line for Troy Corp’s Riverwoods Collection.

I love this new collection!  It features a gradated tone-on-tone texture that gradates from light to medium to dark and back again. A sneak peek at the fabric is below.

Here’s another sneak peek at the ad, featuring Serendipity. LOVE, love, love all the colorways!

The Compass Pointes block has perfect placement for the light, medium and dark values in the Serendipity colorway.

It has been so much fun to play with this block and try out different colorways:

 Blue and gold combination

 Different value placement, dark on outer edge

As I played with the different colors, I wondered how the blocks would look it a quilt. . . I suspected the angles in the block would create the illusion of curves.

I first placed the lighter blue/gold combination side by side. . . yes!  Beautiful illusions of curves!

Now to try alternating the light blue and darker blue blocks.  Oh, love this too!

Next to play with the multi-colored block and light blue block.  Lovely!

How about the multi-colored block set side-by-side?  I also rotated the same colors to the center and love the illusion of curves and the illusion of transparency that is created.

This block has so many possibilities!

Now here’s some exciting news!  One lucky blog reader will win a copy of the newest issue of Quiltmakers’ 100 Blocks, Vol. 5!    To enter, today, on May 4th, please email me at .  Be sure to include your shipping information.  On May 5th, I will reveal the winner, here!

Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog!




Congratulations to Candy Crain of San Juan Capistrano, CA! !

She is the winner of the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks, Vol 5!

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