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Serendipity Fabric Line!

We’ve re-ordered many colors of my Serendipity fabric and they are now back on the website.  At this point, I’m not sure if the fabric will be re-printed, so don’t wait, grab it while you can!

You can see all available the colors of Serendipity. here on our webstore. 






We have a new addition to the Serendipity fabric family – Serendipity Color Wheel!

This collection is a variation on the SERENDIPITY collection.  It uses a similar texture and layout as seen in my SERENDIPITY fabric line.  However, this collection blends beautifully around the color wheel, in a  lovely batik-like texture.

Each fabric features 3 colors in an ombre layout.  Color 1 is 7” wide, Color 2 is 7” wide, Color 3 is 14” wide and then it reverses back again.

There are 8 colors in this collection.  Caribbean, Spring, Sunrise and Mist blend around the color wheel in tints (light colors.) Colors Ocean, Summer, Sunrise and Night blend around the color wheel in shades (dark colors. )




Tro-1890/1   Caribbean (tints of blue, blue/green, green)


Tro-1890/2   Spring  (tints of yellow/green, yellow, yellow/orange)


Tro-1890/3   Sunrise (tines of orange, red/orange, red)


Tro-1890/4   Mist (tints of red/violet, violet, blue/violet)





Tro-1890/5   Ocean (shades of blue, blue/green, green)


Tro-1890/6   Summer (shades of yellow/green, yellow, yellow/orange)


Tro-1890/7   Sunset (orange, red/orange, red)


Tro-1890/8   Night (red/violet, violet, blue/violet)


We’ve just added one yard cuts of this beautiful fabric on our webstore, available here.   I can’t wait to create quilts with it!



I love using my Serendipity gradated fabric line to create intriguing quilts of illusions.  





I also love seeing quilts other quilters have made using Serendipity.  One of my favorite designs is Cheryl Phillips from Phillips Fiber Arts. She is such a lovely person and  I just love her rulers and her patterns!

Recently, at Quilt Market, we discussed the Serendipity fabric line.  She also fell in love with it.  She has been using it to create some amazing quilts!

Here is one stunning design, Split Ten Sunshine, using two colors of Serendipity and using her uses the Two Piece Ten degree tool.

Here’s a link to the quilt is here. 



Here’s another quilt using Serendipity, perfect for February or a beautiful spring table runner.

February Diamond Runner

Link is here.
One of my favorite patterns is Cheryl’s Bargello ColorWheel quilt.  In the quilt below, she uses four colors of Serendipity to create a simply stunning quilt.

Serendipity  paprika

Serendipity Fabric line!

I’ve had so much fun with my Serendipity fabric line!  Serendipity is a graduated fabric collection with a lovely batik-like texture.  It graduates from light to medium to dark and back again.  Each value yields approximate 14″ of a value, from selvage to selvage. It is perfect for applique, when you need to shade something within a color family.  I love it for piecing as well.  No more looking for the “light” fabric that matches the “medium” or “dark” fabric. It is all on one piece of fabric.    It really is a “work horse” fabric!

The texture is lovely! It is available in 22 colorways – click here to see it.


But wait, we have some exciting news!  We’ve added 6 new colors to the Serendipity fabric line!  Our new colors include Sky Blue, Cardinal Red, Evergreen, Willow, Spice and Ink. 

Sky Blue

Serendipity Fabric - Sky Blue

Cardinal Red

Serendipity Fabric - Cardinal Red


Serendipity Fabric - Evergreen


Serendipity Fabric - Willow


Serendipity Fabric - Spice


Serendipity Fabric - Ink

 click here to see it

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I enjoy being part of the “Troy Team”!  It is a pleasure to be designing fabrics for them!

We had a busy Market, but I made sure to take some photos of my booth and the entire Troy booth.

Here’s the entire booth, just before Market opened. On the right side, the sales team and on the left side, the Troy’s Riverwoods Collection designers


Owners of Troy Corporation are Terry and Dorothy Troy.  They distribute many different fabrics from different companies.  They also have their own in-house designs, Riverwoods Collections.

I can’t say enough good things about their fabric line, Riverwoods.  The hand is fantastic, the colors are beautiful and the line is a dream to work with.  The Troy’s do not skimp on the quality of their fabrics and it shows.

Riverwoods has several different designers, creating their fabric lines. Some of the designers were at Quilt Market and here are some of their booths.

Pearl Louis always has a lovely booth!  Here she is, in a beautiful booth, just filled with quilts!  Here new lines; Blizzard Bunch  and Napa.  Napa is a collection that Pearl and I worked on together.  More about that below.


I always enjoy seeing Pearl’s fabrics and her patterns. They are always so pretty!

You can see more of her patterns here and her fabric lines here.

Kimberly Rado, from Starry Night Hollow has a fantastic creative flair and is just fun to be around!  Her booth was so striking and I just love her new lines; Les Meowserables and Graffetti


The Blue Underground is another new designer for Troy’s Riverwoods!  The Blue Underground Studio is a company started by Amy Walsh and Janine Burke. I love their modern and fun designs, just so creative!  You can see more about The Blue Underground here.


Their new line; Xanadu is beautiful, so colorful and just fun!

My booth is pictured here.  Click on the photo, to see an enlarged photo.


I love the booth!  You know, as you prepare for Market and plan out a booth. . . you just never know how it will turn out.  You plan and plan, make samples creative displays and hope it all comes together.  Well, everything just fell into place and I couldn’t be happier with the booth!

Here’s a bit of a close-up of the booth and a look at my Go Team fabric line.  


In another blog post, I will show each new fabric line in more detail, but here’s a sneak peek:

We’ve added 6 new colors to the Serendipity line!  A sky blue, cardinal red, evergreen, willow, spice and ink!


Napa is my newest batik line!  The colors are so pretty!


This is the fabric line that Pearl and I worked on together.  She created the beautiful cotton prints in this line and I created the batiks.  You can see the entire line here.   The colors and prints flow together flawlessly.  They can be used separately or together.

I’ve just returned from Quilt Market and Festival in Houston. While preparing for Market and my Festival classes is always hectic, I enjoy them both so much. I always enjoy my Festival classes, so much fun to see returning quilters who have taken my classes before and meet new friends.

I also love Market, the excitement about new items, the inspiration of the quilt show and re-connecting with so many of my friends. It seems in every aisle, I run into someone I know, hugs are exchanged and the latest news is shared about family, and what’s new in their quilting life. I think that is one of the best part of Market, running into old friends. I left Market and Festival tired, but extremely happy and re-charged!

One friend I ran into was Eileen Fowler. She is the associate editor of Quiltmaker magazine. She shared with me some fun news. Quiltmaker used some of my Java Jewels batiks and my Serendipity fabric line in one of their videos.

Java Jewels – click here to see more


Serendipity – click here to see more

Serendipity  paprika

It was so much fun to see my fabric lines in the video and I loved the block they created/demonstrated! Great video, Eileen!

You can see the video here.

Interested in learning more about the video, Quiltmaker or the 100 Blocks magazine?  Information is below. Enjoy!

untitledQMLearn how to use up your collection of pre-cuts to make fun, scrappy blocks. Eileen Fowler shows how pre-cut 2-1/2″ strips, 5″ charms and 10″ squares can all be used to make Boxed In, a block designed by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts, for Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume 2. You’ll also see how simple changes to the block can make exciting new versions. This block is available: 200 Blocks book and My EQ Boutique.

Karen Combs is a internationally known quilt teacher, author and fabric designer. Visit her web site at

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