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What a busy time!  Quilt Market and Festival is so close!

Fall-2009I will be debuting three new lines. Here is a sneak peek!

My husband, Rick took this photo with my phone!  The UPS package with my fabric samples had arrived and I had spread them out on the kitchen island. I guess you can tell by my grin, I’m excited about the fabrics!I’ll share more details about the fabrics soon!

 So much to do before Market! I’m quickly working on quilt samples for these lines. The patterns are written and the piecing is underway. . . wow, these fabrics are beautiful.  (She said in a most humble fashion.)

Class supplies for my Quilt Festival are being packed. . . fabric, patterns, handouts all need to be sorted, packed and shipped soon.

My Schoolhouse presentation is almost finished and so are my visuals for the presentation.

Now, back to my list!

Karen Combs is a internationally known quilt teacher, author and fabric designer. Visit her web site at

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