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Knitting is something I did in high school and then quilting took over my life, so I didn’t do much since then.   However, several years ago, I picked it up again and LOVE it!   I love to knit when I’m not working.  While quilting (designing, writing, teaching) is my job and my passion, it is always filled with deadlines and that often translates into pressure.

Knitting is something I can do while I’m traveling (sure maks the time go fast!)and something I can do in my free (albeit, limited) free time.

I’ve got to say, I’m a bit giddy about knitting. I love yarn, and my stash of yarn is growing.  Oh the colors and the beautiful assortment of yarns available!

I’ve discovered Ravelry, sure wish we had something like this for the quilting world! On Raverly, you can find patterns, join groups, each user can show projects, store pfds in their library, catalogue their stash and their own library and so many other things.  Just love it.

I often stop at Knitting Stores when I travel, just as I stop at Quilt Shops.  Oh a quilt shop that also has yarn, dangerous combination!   I also like to purchase yarn online.  Eat, Sleep, Knit is one of my favorite stops, as is Knit Picks and The Loopy Ewe.

Each summer, The Loopy Ewe runs a vitural knitting camp, called Camp Loopy. Each month there is a project with guidelines, much like a quilt challenge.

The first month was to select a designer from a different country than our own.

For this project, I made a scarf  from this wonderful, self-striping yarn, Schopprl Wolle Zauberball.

The yarn turned into this lovely scarf, Echen + Kanten:

For Project Two, project needed to contain a color from your country’s flag and it must be at least 800 yards.

This one was harder. . . 800 yards?!  Ok, after looking at patterns, I decided to try lace knitting.

I selected this beautiful, hand-dyed yarn, Dream in Color Special Edition.

After knitting, knitting and knitting, the yarn turned into this shawl,  Eiffel Tower Shawl.   While not perfect, I’m pretty pleased at the result.

I’ve finished this project a week before the deadline, so now I’m just finishing up some other knitting projects. . . waiting for the last challenge to start.

Am I still working on quilting?  Oh yes, of course, I love doing this as well!   I’ve been designing some new quilt patterns, pieced several new quilt tops last week, working on next fabric line, and getting ready for my travel schedule this fall!   In a few minutes, I’m headed to my sewing machine to start a new quilt pattern.

As you know, I can’t share photos of projects in the works or before they are published/ released. . .  sooo I  though I’d share photos of my knitting in the meantime. . .

More quilting news soon!!!!

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