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It’s here!  Serendipity, is my newest fabric collection for Troy’s Riverwoods Collection!

SERENDIPITY is inspired by my love for color gradations, beautiful textures and lovely colors.  This collection features 22 colorways, that gradate from light to dark and back to light.  The gradation layout can be seen above and in the ad below.

Each value is 14″, allowing for multiple cuts. Some of the colors include rich sapphire blue, pumpkin, meadow, sage, olive, lapis, pool, amber and petal. 

Serendipity is NOW available on our webstore!   Click here to visit the webstore.


As a bonus, we have several free projects available for my Serendipity collection.

The first quilt has an intriguing illusion of depth using an easy to piece technique.  You will love how fast this quilt is to make and how beautiful it is!

It is pictured below, features three colorways of Serendipity and each block is outlined in a Midnight Blue fabric. The result is stunning!

Click here for the cover sheet of the pattern:

Serendipity cover sheet

Click here for the project sheet:

Serendipity project sheet



Wish you could make a larger size?  Here it is!  Click here for the project sheet for a double/queen size:

Serendipity projects sheet (double/queen size)

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