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As a designer, my creating is done months ahead and much of it has to remain under wraps until it is published.  I can mention that I am designing something, be it a new fabric collection, new pattern or new quilt. However, I can’t show anything until the proper time.   Well, I can finally share a new quilt design that I worked on during late winter;  my SUMMER STAR quilt!

The quilt was created using my MIDNIGHT BLUE fabric line.


The quilt is sunny, elegant and has a nice visual impact.  I love how it looks.  It is an easy quilt to piece, while it looks like there are set-in seams, there are none!  (Yes, I know you are out there, you just won’t do anything with set-in seams!)   So, this quilt is for you!

While at Spring Quilt Market last week, I visited with the nice folks at Creative Crafts Group, the parent company of McCall’s Quilting, Quiltmaker, Quilter’s Newsletter. Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw SUMMER STAR on the cover! I’m still smiling!

Close-up of the quilt, below:

Love the quilt and the Midnight Blue fabric line?  The quilt is available as a kit!   You can order from McCall’s online store, located here.



I love creating Celtic designs in my quilts.  My book, Celtic Pieced Illusions was the result of that love.


Several days ago, I had an exciting phone call from Andi Reynolds, editor at AQS. . . Celtic Pieced Illusions is going into another printing. I’m so happy and thankful to hear this news!

Love the quilt design above? Well, believe it or not, all my quilts in my Celtic Pieced Illusions book are done with only two blocks, a Connector Block and a Nine-Patch Block!

Connector Block


How’s it done?

I started by laying out the Nine-Patch blocks into a grid.

The magic happens when the Connector Blocks are added.

Twisting the connector blocks around can create different designs.

The possibilities are endless and oh, so easy! Just two examples below, believe it or not, still using only the two blocks.


We’ve put together a video about the book(and neat pinning trick),  it is located here, on my webpage:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, until you see video tips.

You can see details about the book here, on the AQS website  or here, on my website.

Well, this is just as exciting as it can be, in 2014, I will be teaching on a cruise around the islands of Tahiti with Quilt Seminars at Sea!

No only sailing around the islands, but doing it on the  m/s Paul Gauguin, an intimate and ultra-luxurious vessel, AND have the opportunity to attend the 14th annual Salon du Tifaifai Quilt Festival!

I’m so excited that I could not wait to share the news!

Want details??     Visit Quilt Seminars at Sea’s website

Hoping you can join us!

I’m thrilled to be included in Volume 5 of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks From Today’s Top designers!     (Love seeing my block included on the cover!)

QMMS 120022 COVER shadow 500 Next Week: Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Blog Tour

My block, COMPASS POINT, was inspired by a compass rose and my love of half-square triangles.

The block features Serendipity, my new fabric line for Troy Corp’s Riverwoods Collection.

I love this new collection!  It features a gradated tone-on-tone texture that gradates from light to medium to dark and back again. A sneak peek at the fabric is below.

Here’s another sneak peek at the ad, featuring Serendipity. LOVE, love, love all the colorways!

The Compass Pointes block has perfect placement for the light, medium and dark values in the Serendipity colorway.

It has been so much fun to play with this block and try out different colorways:

 Blue and gold combination

 Different value placement, dark on outer edge

As I played with the different colors, I wondered how the blocks would look it a quilt. . . I suspected the angles in the block would create the illusion of curves.

I first placed the lighter blue/gold combination side by side. . . yes!  Beautiful illusions of curves!

Now to try alternating the light blue and darker blue blocks.  Oh, love this too!

Next to play with the multi-colored block and light blue block.  Lovely!

How about the multi-colored block set side-by-side?  I also rotated the same colors to the center and love the illusion of curves and the illusion of transparency that is created.

This block has so many possibilities!

Now here’s some exciting news!  One lucky blog reader will win a copy of the newest issue of Quiltmakers’ 100 Blocks, Vol. 5!    To enter, today, on May 4th, please email me at .  Be sure to include your shipping information.  On May 5th, I will reveal the winner, here!

Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog!




Congratulations to Candy Crain of San Juan Capistrano, CA! !

She is the winner of the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks, Vol 5!

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