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The past few weeks have been something!  No word or sign of my quilts, but I have been busy remaking my beloved designs.

I want to publicly thank Candy, Cindy, Kathy, Barb and Patsy from the Beach City Quilters Guild for sending Patchwork Illusions cubes to me. I appreciate it more than you can know.

A big thank you to the gals from Massachusetts; Pat, Ann Marie, Cheryl, Zia for sharing blocks and quilts with me. Thanks gals, you got me through a rough patch, until I could get home and remake my quilts.

I’ve been working to remake my Patchwork Illusions quilts, and have remade several of them.  Some of them are still tops, need to be quilted and others have been quilted and need to be bound, but I’m getting them re-made.  Thought I would share some of them with all of you.


Patchwork Illusions Duo quilt top


Patchwork Illusions Cubed quilt top


Patchwork Illusions Trio quilt top


Patchwork Illusions Stacked quilt  (needs binding)


Patchwork Illusions Ribbon Cube quilt (needs binding)

This quilt uses my new Serendipity fabric collection. . . which I will be sharing soon with you!

As I’ve stated before, I want to thank everyone for your kind words, offers of help, words of encouragement, prayers and good wishes. I appreciate it so very much.

Recently, I had someone ask me, “What do you do, after your quilts have been stolen?”  I replied, “Well, as I see it, I have two choices, I can either fall apart or I can re-group and move forward.”  I’m not the “falling apart” kind of person, so I got to work and re-made my designs.  While these quilts won’t ever replace the ones that were stolen, I can remake them as beautifully as I can.

I’m one to always look at the positive side of things. . . as I’ve been re-making my Patchwork Illusions quilts, my mind has been dreaming up even more illusion quilts.   Who knows. . . in the future, there may even be a new book of quilt illusions!

Some of you have emailed and asked if I would still teach the Patchwork Illusions technique.  Absolutely!  In fact, I taught the technique last weekend, while in Durango with the Four Corners Quilters.

I’d love to visit your guild or show!  Currently, I have a few openings left in 2013 and am now booking 2014.  If your guild or show would like more information, please visit my online contact form at  .  I’d be happy to send you  more information.

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