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I’m leaving tomorrow for Houston and International Quilt Market. . . I’ve been making samples and getting things ready for weeks.  Yesterday was packing day, getting my samples packed into a really big suitcase and getting my computer bag packed. Done!

Now to weigh the big suitcase, I hope it doesn’t weigh  more than 50 pounds. . .

Next on the “to-do” list: print boarding pass, pack second suitcase. . .

Look for the Tweets from the road, starting tomorrow afternoon!


Next week, I’m headed to Houston, Texas for the International Quilt Market. It is always an exciting (and crazy!) time.   I love seeing what is new, connecting with old friends and meeting new ones!  Needless to say, I’m looking forward to it.

I’ll be working in the Troy booth, promoting my new partnership with Troy Corporation. I will also be showing a sneak peek at my new fabric lines for Troy’s Riverwoods Collection. ( Can’t show too much online until it is ready, you just never know what iniquitous person may be looking to steal an idea, yes it has happened to me, more than once, ’nuff said, let’s talk about happier things!)

I’m so pleased with my new partnership with Troy Distributors. I’ve known the owners, Dorothy and Terry Troy for years and they are good people, as are their office staff, their sales reps and their other designers. I can’t wait to unveil my new fabric lines!  I should be able to show them online after the first of the year.

Our booth number is #2326-2339, if you are coming to Market, be sure to stop by and say hello!

Some more fun news. . . I’ll be posting a Twitter feed as we set-up the booth at Market!

Since I don’t have much time to blog while at Market, I thought a Twitter picture feed would work well. . . you will get to see the set-up from start to finish, you can be there with me. . . you just won’t be sweaty, tired  and a bit overwhelmed!

If you follow me on Twitter, just look for my posts.  If you wish to follow me on Twitter, go to!/Karen_Combs and click on “follow.”

You can also follow the feed on this blog, simply look to the left side bar.  You will see a Twitter feed and you can follow our progress there.

Speaking (or typing) about social networking, you can also follow me on my FaceBook page:

Now, back to my packing and last minute prep for Market!!


I’ve left the ferns in place for now . . . I think they will last a few more weeks, so they can stay for now. . .


Days are cooler and I feel the need to decorate for fall! I’m blogging from my new iPhone, so here goes!

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