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Ever buy the wrong size coffee filters? Instead of bringing them back to the store, here’s some other uses I found for them. Even if they aren’t the wrong size for your coffee maker, they can still be a perfect solution to many small problems around the house.
  1. Use them to clean your cable connectors. If you’re internet is lagging or your TV picture is fuzzy, it might be because the connectors on your cables are dirty and they need to be cleaned.
  2. They’re the perfect fix to stop bleeding from razor nicks when shaving.
  3. Use them to absorb the grease from fried foods. Put them on the plate and put your french fries, bacon and other fried food on top.
  4. Use a coffee filter to cover dishes when they’re cooking in the microwave to prevent messes.
  5. Use them to clean windows, mirrors, television screens and glasses. They’re lint free, so they won’t leave any residue behind when you’re done.
  6. Stop that Popsicle from dripping all over the place. Poke one or two holes in the filter and put the stick(s) through it.
  7. Line your plant pots with a filter to keep the soil from leaking out of the drainage holes when you water them.
  8. Put a filter inside cast-iron skillets to absorb excess moisture when it’s not in use to prevent rust and other wear.
  9. Separate your China and other good dishes by putting a coffee filter between each dish.
  10. Did the cork break into your wine? Use one to filter the cork out.
  11. Use a coffee filter to apply shoe polish.
  12. Put baking soda into a coffee filter and put it into shoes or a closet to absorb and prevent nasty odors. You can even put potpourri into the filter, tie it up and put into your drawers, etc.
  13. Use them to safely store your Christmas decorations and other small, fragile items.
  14. Use them store nails, screws and other small hardware so that they don’t go rolling all over the place, get lost or mixed together.
  15. You can use the cone-style coffee filters to safely pour in oil and other liquids into your car’s engine.
  16. Use them as bowls for popcorn, chips and other snacks.
  17. Liquids or something else spill onto your floor, sofa or other upholstery? Use a coffee filter to clean it up because unlike a paper towel, they won’t leave behind lint.
  18. Wrap them around tacos shells or hot dogs to prevent the grease and other things from spilling out.
  19. Have a wobbly table or chair? Use a folded up coffee filter under the leg to even it out.
  20. Did you run out of dryer sheets? You can put a few drops of fabric softener on a filter, rub sides together, and put in the dryer to help prevent static cling and make your clothes smell fresh.
  21. Last but not least, make coffee with them.

Can you believe the wreath above is made with natural colored coffee filters????   I can’t wait to make one!
Here’s a link to the tutorial:

I’ve just returned from a fabulous visit to the Heritage Quilters in Huntsville, Alabama and the Heart of Ohio guild in Newark, Ohio. Both guilds were fantastic!


I’m home a day, just long enough to wash some clothes and re-pack. . . next, I’m off to Ann’s Sewing in Canton, Mass!  I can’t wait!


I’ll be presenting at the Society of Sewing and Learning and also presenting my class, Patchwork Illusions.


Hope to see you there!



Today, I stop and remember September 11, 2001, a day that forever changed the United States. We will never forget.

There Are No Words

                there are no words   there is no song
is there a balm that can heal these wounds that will last a lifetime long
and when the stars have burned to dust
hand in hand we still will stand because we must

in one single hour   in one single day
we were changed forever  something taken away
and there is no fire that can melt this heavy stone
that can bring back the voices and the spirits of our own

  all the brothers, sisters and lovers   all the friends that are gone
all the chairs that will be empty in the lives that will go on
can we ever forgive  though we never will forget

we believe in the milk of human goodness yet

we were forged in freedom  we were born in liberty
we came here to stop the twisted arrows cast by tyranny
and we won’t bow down  we are strong of heart
we are a chain together  that won’t be pulled apart

there are no words   there is no song
is there a balm that can heal these wounds that will last a lifetime long
and when the stars have burned to dust
hand in hand we still will stand because we must

written 9-11-2001 by Kitty Donohoe, Roheen Music BMI

In Honor of all those who lost their lives and those who serve our country,

May God Bless America.

I’ve always been a reader and I’ve been a fan of the Outlander Series for several years now.  In fact, that is all I seem to be reading and re-reading, ever since I discovered the Series.

Several days ago, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander Series.  It was a small, but excited group that attended the lunch.

It was a treat to present one of my quilts from my book, Celtic Pieced Illusions to Diana.

. . . yup, still on Cloud Nine!

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