Did you check out the “supermoon” on Saturday? If not, check out some of these photos from various websites.

Not sure what a “super moon” was???  Well, on Saturday night, the moon appeared about 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than normal,  according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  The moon’s orbit was the closest to the Earth that it has been since 1993, and that combined with a full moon created the supermoon effect.

WASHINGTON – MARCH 19: In this handout photo provided by NASA, the full moon is seen as it rises near the Lincoln Memorial, March 19, 201, in Washington, DC. The full moon tonight is called a ‘Super Perigee Moon’ since it is at it’s closest to Earth in 2011.

19 March 2010 shines brightly over Buckinghamshire, UK

     Washington Moonrise

Washington Moonrise  Credit: Tim McCord Skywatcher Tim McCord of Entiat, Washington caught this amazing view of the March 19, 2011 full moon – called a supermoon because the moon was at perigee, the closest point to Earth in its orbit – using a camera-equipped telescope.

Supermoon as Seen Aboard the International Space Station

Astronaut Paolo Nespoli took this photo of the “supermoon” aboard the International Space Station on March 20, 2011.