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A very happy New Year to everyone! May your 2011 be filled with family, friends, happiness, health and joy!



Just found the  predictions for the top ten Pantone colors for Spring 2011.   I like several of the colors, not sure about the others. . . .


My favorite – Regatta.  Also love Beeswax. . . hmm, wonder how several of these would look in a quilt?

For the first time ever, I’m offering some of my quilts for sale. 

Many of these quilts have been featured in my books, have been in print in magazines and have been displayed at International Quilt Market. These are one-of-a-kind quilts, many of them created with my fabric designs. 

Not only are these quilts a one-of-a-kind, they are collector’s items showcasing my fabric designs. Here’s a chance to own the original design, created with the original fabric that inspired that design.

From time to time, I will feature several of the quilts here, on my blog and talk about its history.  If you are interested in any of the quilts, don’t wait.   Once they are gone, they are gone. . .

Celtic Vision Quilt


Created from Karen’s unique Pieced Celtic Illusions technique and book. Believe it or not, this technique uses only two simple patchwork blocks to create this intriguing and hypnotic design.  The Celtic Vision quilt was pieced by Karen and features Karen’s Essence fabric line.  The quilt measures 32″ x 32″. The quilt was displayed at International Quilt Market and was also featured at the International Quilt Market Schoolhouse Series.  See the quilt here, on our online store.

Essence Quilt


A beautiful quilt, designed and pieced b Karen Combs. This is a one of a kind quilt, and uses Karen’s Essence fabric line. The quilt measures 47″ x 47″. The quilt was displayed at International Quilt Market. It is beautifully machined quilted.  See the quilt here, on our online store.

Shade Cascade Garden Quilt

SHADE CASCADE QUILT  Shade Cascade quilt, Garden colorway is created with Karen’s trademarked Shade Cascade fabric line. The fabric and quilt are designed and pieced by Karen. The quilt is beautifully machined quilted. It has been featured in ads, patterns and at International Quilt Market. Don’t miss out on owning this beautiful quilt.  The quilt measures 47″ x 47″.  See the quilt here, on our online store.

I  love quilt cruises.  Combine quilting (our favorite passion) and cruising, what could be better??

I am so excited about my next quilt cruise. . . to the Mediterranean!  We will be cruising to fabulous ports in Italy, Croatia and the Greek Isles. Other teachers on the cruise include John Flynn, Cindy Walter and Christine Porter.

There is a fabulous tour that has just been added for our group, an EXCLUSIVE QUILTERS’ TOUR IN ISTANBUL! 

You will not find this tour anywhere else—this is exclusive FOR OUR GROUP ONLY!!   Companions are welcome and encouraged to join as well!




Board the motorcoach and cross the Galata Bridge to the heart of the old city. Walk the historic streets with your English-speaking guide.



Our first stop will be the famous Grand Bazaar. Your guide escorts you to a store just outside the Grand Bazaar, your rendezvous point after experiencing the marketplace. Take

in a carpet-weaving demonstration and explore the Grand Bazaar, where the shops are organized by the wares they sell. The narrow alleys are filled with shops offering jewelry, carpets, leather ware, copper goods and more. Bargaining is expected – and half the fun. We will take you to the special section that sells all types of local fabrics to offer something exotic for your quilts.

Next, you will visit the Spice Bazaar (also known as the Egyptian Bazaar) built in 1663, the Spice Market is still the second-largest covered bazaar in Turkey and it is still the best place to buy Turkish delight, dried fruit, exotic herbs and all the spices of the East including cardamom, turmeric, saffron, rose water and more.

Lunch will be served at a famous Bab-i Hayat restaurant located in the Spice market serving the best varieties of Turkish Cuisine prepared by a famous chef. After lunch you will cross the intercontinental bridge to the Asian side of Istanbul and visit the Textile Arts Association. We will experience a great workshop with patchworkers and interact with the local quilters and enjoy light refreshments together.


For more details, contact Quilt Seminars at Sea.   You can also call Amy Ross at 866-573-6351 or email her at

My book, Combing Through Your Scraps has been out of print for several years, but quilters still have been asking for it. Thank you for your support!

To meet this demand, AQS has decided to release it as an eBook! I’m so excited that my out of print title is no longer out of reach! The book is available as an electronic book, you can download as a pdf file to read on your computer, Kindle, ebook reader or iPad.  The eBoook contains all the pages and patterns from the original. You can also print out the eBook patterns directly from your home printer.

For more information, please visit the AQS website: 

eBook Combing Through Your Scraps


What do you do with all those scraps? In this book, the author continues her quilting magic and offers an answer – fabulous scrap quilts. Focusing on color value rather than color or texture, the author offers practical magic for using those leftover, and sometimes less lovely fabrics found in almost everyone’s stash.Using only light and dark basic Nine-Patch and Split Nine-Patch blocks, you can create eye-catching designs to enhance any setting. Included are dozens of design possibilities and 18 projects.

In addition, my book, Optical Illusions for Quilter is also available as an eBook!  For more information on Optical Illusions for Quilters, please visit the AQS website:

eBook Optical Illusions For Quilters


The world of optical illusions has fascinated artists for centuries, and quiltmaker Karen Combs has been intrigued by them for years. In Optical Illusions for Quilters, she unravels the mysteries of optical illusions as applied to quilting, some of them for the first time. Masterpiece quilts are used to explain each illusion and quilters are shown how to apply these principles to their work. Though Karen’s focus is on quilting, these principles can be applied to other creative mediums. In an easy to understand manner, she encourages readers to use their imaginations, listen to their inner voices, and apply their new knowledge as they become masters of illusions.

Karen Combs is a internationally known quilt teacher, author and fabric designer. Visit her web site at

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