This is very exciting news!   Due to popular demand,  the American Quilter’s Society has re-released my book,   “Optical Illusions for Quilters”   as an ebook!

You can download it to read on your ebook  reader, Kindle,  iPod or even on your computer.  The book is filled with beautiful photographs and lots of information about creating illusions.

Here is the direct link to the  AQS website.

Wonder what  the book is about???  Here’s a description –

The world of optical illusions has fascinated artists for centuries, and quiltmaker Karen Combs has been intrigued by them for years. In Optical Illusions for Quilters, she unravels the mysteries of optical illusions as applied to quilting, some of them for the first time. Masterpiece quilts are used to explain each illusion and quilters are shown how to apply these principles to their work. Though Karen’s focus is on quilting, these principles can be applied to other creative mediums. In an easy to understand manner, she encourages readers to use their imaginations, listen to their inner voices, and apply their new knowledge as they become masters of illusions.