Just received a wonderful email!

Hi Karen,
I thought you might like to see a quilt I made using your pattern that was published in the May 2007 Quiltmaker Magazine. . . . . I continued the angles on the Celtic design and designed a ribbon border to complete the quilt. The finished size went from 48″ X 48″ to 96″ X 96″. This quilt took the Top Sponsor’s Ribbon at the Quilt Round Up Show, 2009, held in Payson AZ. It was also held and considered for the Laurence Sinnema Award for  Exemplary Workmanship at the Arizona Quilter’s Show, 2010, in Phoenix Arizona.
Thanks so much for being a great inspiration to me and thousands of other quilters.
Marque Jacob

Marque, thanks for sharing your wonderful quilt with me and allowing me to share it on the blog.  Well done!


Believe it or not, all my quilts in my Celtic Pieced Illusions book are done with only two blocks, a Connector Block and a Nine-Patch Block! 

Connector Block


I started by laying out the Nine-Patch blocks into a grid.


The magic happens when the Connector Blocks are added.


Twisting the connector blocks around can create different designs.

The possibilities are endless and oh, so easy! Just two examples below, believe it or not, still using only the two blocks.

celtic-rose-webCeltic Rose Window

celtic-vision---nami Celtic Vision