I’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to Spokane, Washington and a visit with the Washington State Guild in Spokane. What a great group!  




  As I was traveling home, I had a call from my family. They called to describe torrents of rain and some flooding. Since we often have lots of rain in Tennessee, I did not think much about it. However, when I changed planes in California, we were informed of massive flooding in Tennessee, highways being closed and the possibility of my flight being canceled.   



As it turned out Southwest cancelled all their flights in and out of Nashville on Sunday. . . now what to do? I was in San Diego, my luggage was nowhere to be seen (we think it went to Oakland) and the Nashville Airport was closed.  
I was able to get a wonderful hotel room, right on the bay and quickly found a drug store to purchase a toothbrush and some other necessities.  If I had to be stranded, this was a beautiful place to be!    

Free Stock Photo of San Diego Bay 3    

I was finally able to get home by Monday evening. Flying over Nashville as we approached the airport was . . . well, the only word is terrible. Massive flooding, entire neighborhoods covered in brown, muddy river water, the Opryland Hotel covered in water, Opry Mills surround in water, roads covered in water, it was hard to see and hard to describe.   



Best estimate, middle Tennessee received over 20″ of rain in two days. Downtown Nashville, around lower Broadway was flooded as were many outlying areas. Gov. Phil Bredesen declared 52 of Tennessee’s 95 counties as disaster areas.      

Massive Rainstorms Wreak Havoc On Nashville      

Death toll rises as river crests, floods Nashville       

Cumberland River   

The Tennessean has a slideshow of Nashville landmarks/concert venues that are flooded.    

More important is the residential areas. Bellevue, Goodlettsville, and Antioch are hurting badly. Historic downtown Franklin and Lebanon are completely underwater. Cities are lakes and streets are rivers.      


Thanks to everyone who has called or emailed to ask if we were okay. We are fine and our family is fine.    

However, there are many people hurting in middle Tennessee. If you would like to help, click on the link for some places to help: Where to help