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I’m on the road, headed to Connecticut. This week, I’ll be visiting two guilds: Farmington Valley Quilters AND Apple Valley Quilters.

I’ll be presenting my Quilts of Illusion lecture and my Patchwork Illusions class.










I’m looking forward to my visit!


I always look forward to my next issue of Quilter’s Home magazine. When it comes, I fix a cup of tea and settle in to read it cover to cover.


This month is even more exciting, my Batik Cascade Quilt is in the  newest issue of Quilter’s Home!   


 The quilt is a fun and very fast Off-Set Spiral, all made from my Batik Cascade fabric.   The gradation in the fabric gives you several different values within each fabric. Perfect for piecing (and applique!)


In the last issue, my quilt was on the top of the “quilt pile” on the cover. In the newest issue. . . THE PATTERN!    Hmm, now back to reading the issue!

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is back in business, ready to uncover new worlds, peer ever deeper into space, and even map the invisible backbone of the universe.

The first snapshots are amazing!

Topping the list of exciting new views are colorful multi-wavelength pictures of far-flung galaxies, a densely packed star cluster, an eerie “pillar of creation,” and a “butterfly” nebula.


Hubble Servicing Mission 4 Early Release Observations


These photos are amazing and inspiring!  To see more, visit the Hubble Site:










I love creating Celtic designs in my quilts.  My book, Celtic Pieced Illusions was the result of that love.





















Recently, I received a wonderful email from Lynne Crowley.  She also loves Celtic designs.  She is creating a Celtic Pieced Illusions quilt of her own.  On her website, she has a intriguing feature – a sew along!  If you would like to follow Lynne as she creates her Celtic Pieced Illusions quilt or would like to make your own as she does, visit her blog at .  It looks like fun!!



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