appleMy good friend, Ami Simms has begun a new enterprise to help teachers and those looking to hire them network better. rolled out at the beginning of February and is growing steadily.

It is more than just a list of email address and names, Ami’s hope is that it will make like a lot easier for guilds and shops to find teachers that match the needs of their guild members and customers.



Each teacher gets their own web page, and subscribing guilds and shops get access to Teacher Data Sheets which puts a great deal of information all on one page for easy evaluation. No more hunting through web pages to find teacher requirements, classes, fees, contract preferences, lodging likes and dislikes.

I love this idea and was one of the first to sign up!  You can see my page at .

Whether you are a guild, a shop, a program chair, quilt show chair or looking for a quilt teacher, you need this website! If you have not had a chance yet, please look.