This weekend, I had the pleasure and privilege of teaching for the Pindropper’s Quilt Club of Lovell, Wyoming.  I had a wonderful time with everyone and loved seeing the area around Lovell.

Several miles from Lovell is the Big Horn National Recreation Area. It is an amazing area with a beautiful, stark beauty.

I drove to Devil’s Canyon Overlook. I was told it was an amazing sight and it was. The river has carved out a deep canyon. It is deceiving in the photo. It is really quite deep.

Looking closely, I spotted a white speck in the water.


It was a large boat, floating about 700 feet below.


The wind and water had carved some interesting caves in the cliffs.

From another view, I spotted another fishing boat, again, floating many feet below.

The area is also known for wild mustangs. I looked for them, as I was driving, but did not see any. . .maybe next time.

We had a wonderful time in class!

The class was held in the Lovell Community Center. It was one of the nicest rooms I’ve ever taught in.  We had 25 in class, everyone had their own table, we had lots of room for demos, sewing, cutting and pressing.

I taught my 2-Day Patchwork Illusions class. Everyone did beautiful work.

I love this cube, love the colors and the textures of the fabric.

Everyone needed a design wall. I was impressed with this creative solution. It is a heavy cardboard box, folded and draped with batting

It was perfect for class, lightweight and easy to transport.

Everyone was so friendly and fun! We had a blast!

Early this morning, at the Billings airport, I noticed the floor in the snack bar.

It would make an interesging quilt design. The colors were beautiful:  shimmering copper,  light gray, deep black and a rich brown.