We have just returned from the Trail of Tears motorcycle ride. It was an amazing experience!

On Friday afternoon, Rick and I met our friends, Bobbie and Susan to ride the 200 miles to Chattanooga.

Rick’s making a phone call, just before we took off. The weather was perfect riding weather, bright sunshine, low humidity.

Bobby and Susan .  .  . off we go!

The ride to Chattanooga is beautiful. We stayed on secondary roads, avoiding the freeways. By doing this, we saw sights that we would have missed otherwise.

Once in Chattanooga, we met with the rest of our group.  8 bikes, 14 riders in all.

After a full afternoon and evening of riding, we were ready for a good night’s sleep. 5am came early, but we were up and ready to ride!

We traveled over to the meeting site and found hundreds of bikes, already in line.

After getting in line, we had about an hour to wait before the ride started. We walked along the line of motorcycles to see some beautiful bikes.

Here we are, waiting to get started.

Rick’s attached an American flag to the back of our bike.

Flag in place, it’s getting lighter and almost time to go!

Yes, it is early.  Look closely at the green motorcycle, and you will see a rider, sleeping on top of her bike.

Rick, Bobby and Barry.  .  .displaying the proper biker attitude!

Karen and Susan

Off we go!

Look closely and you will see a line of motorcycles that stretches into the distance

Lookout Mountain

Crossing back over Nickajack lake

Along our 200 mile route, people were parked along the roadside, waving and cheering. The sight of thousands of motorcycles was amazing for all of us, spectators and riders alike.

When we stopped for gas, we saw this three-wheel bike, tricked out to look like a 57 Chevy. Even more amazing, the rider was a 70 year-old woman! Enourangement for all of us.

Thousands of bikes, parked at our stop at Fayetteville, TN. We filled the Lincoln County Fairgrounds.

We had planned to travel to Fayetteville, but about 50 miles away from the end of the route, it started to storm. We were an hour from home, so we peeled off and headed for home. It is no fun to ride in the rain.   However, we enjoyed our ride and can’t wait for the next one.