This week, I’ve been packing supplies and getting ready for my visit to the Brownstone Quilters Guild in Paramus, New Jersey.  I’m looking forward to my visit next week!

While I am there, I’ll be presenting my lecture, Quilts of Illusions 

and teaching my class, Christmas Cube.


Today, Rick and I are going to the Home Decorating and Remodeling Show in Nashville. While we don’t have any plans to remodel our house, we are interested in doing something in our back-yard. I don’t know if this is the Show for us, but we are going. . .

While we are out, we will also stop by the motorcycle shop, where Rick purchased his motorcycle. We need to pick up some rain gear and Rick needs some new gloves.

We are preparing for our first overnight motorcycle trip. On September 19 & 20, we will be going on the Trail of Tears ride with several friends. It should be an experience. 90,000 motorcycles will be gathered and riding the original Trail of Tears. We will be honoring those from the past, who traveled this Trail of Tears.