I’m back from the Minnesota Quilt Show and had a wonderful time! I wanted to blog while I was there, but I forgot my “cords” bag. What was in it??  Only the cord to hook my camera to my computer and the battery charger. I was able to take a few photos before my camera battery died.  Now that I’m home, I can grab the photos and post them.

I had a wonderful time visiting Rochester, Minnesota, seeing the show and with the students in my classes.

My classes were the best. My camera ran out of battery before I could take many photos, but I did capture this one.

One of my students (Peggy, was this your fabric??) brought in this wonderful tie-dyed fabric. After we made some blocks, I played with the cubes and used the fabric as a background. We loved the effect and had to take a photo!  The cubes are from different peole in the room. It all worked so well and looks fantastic.


The Show was absolutely filled with quilts. There were three rooms filled with beautiful quilts. I took some photos of my favorites while I still had some battery left.

I love scrap quilts and this Friendship Star quilt is lovely. The play of light and shadow is perfect.


Of course, the hexagon is one of my favorite shapes. This quilt is very cool!  Wish I had a close-up.


Another scrap quilt, all done with warm colors. The illusion of depth comes and goes. I love it!

I must be wishing for fall!  I loved the leaves in this quilt. It looks like a fall day with leaves falling from the trees. Nothing like a walk in the woods in a beautiful fall day.


Have you ever seen a “Quilt on a Stick?” A great idea and a wonderful auction idea!