Yup, that’s right. Hollywood, right here in Tennessee!

Last month, the new Hannah Montana movie was shooting in our town. 

When we moved here 18 years ago, we fell in love with the southern charm, the rolling hills and our small town. Our town has a traditional courthouse square, with stores surrounding it. Part of the film was shot around our courthouse and the square.

 Our Courthouse Square

I decided to wander into town several times during the filming. Nope, I was not interested in spotting Miley Cryus or in getting her autograph. However, I was very interested in seeing a major motion picture being filmed!

After arriving on the set, which included several city blocks, I stationed myself to watch the action. When I arrived, many of the extras were on their marks, waiting for their cue.

  Extras on their “marks”

I guess the scene included rain, since the prop crew kept wetting down the street. It was 85 degrees, so the water was evaporating almost as soon as they put it down.

 Oh looked, it rained!

It was interesting to see the “new” businesses that appeared for the movie. Apparently, we needed an Italian restaurant, a shoe store, a music store, a hardware store and a real estate office downtown. While we really do have all these things in our town, it would be nice to have them all together just off the square. I had to take a photo for our “Disney downtown.” Too bad it is not real.

 Disney Downtown

It was fascinating to watch all the activity.

  Setting up a shot

We can’t wait to see the movie next year. It will be fun to see our hometown on the big screen.