I’ve been working like crazy, getting ready for Market and my upcoming trips in June. This afternoon, I decided to take a break and sit on our front porch.

 The weather was perfect, some sun, some clouds and 75 degrees. We just had rain, so everything was green and the air was crystal clear. As I looked into the distance, it view was beautiful.


While sitting and reading, I snapped this photo of the ferns. I love the play of light and dark in the palm fronds.

This week, I planted some lavender in our front flower boxes. They smell great. They must be happy, I see some flowers.


Again, I love the play of color lavender and green with the white fence and the play of shapes; lavender against the straight fence.


 On the back porch, I have pots of herbs; sage, thyme, basal, dill and rosemary. Two tomato plants are waiting to be planted in our small garden on the hill.  After 5″ of rain two days ago, the ground is still a bit muddy. . .perhaps in a day or so.

I love having these herbs right off the kitchen. There is nothing like fresh basal with garden tomatoes, fresh rosemary with salmon, baby carrots with a hint of dill. . .yum!