It has been an interesting few days.

My computer started acting funny.  This is unusual, since this workhorse has not given me a moment of trouble for the past 3 years I owned it.

Long story, short, I turned it off, waited 5 minutes and turned it back on. The instant power hit the computer, a fireball shot out of the back of it!

Okay, it was not this bad, but I thought it was!

My husband, Rick is a computer technician. He diagnosed it as a “dead shot” and guessed the power supply took the hit. We spent the morning driving to the computer store and purchased a new power supply.

Of course, my biggest fear was my information on the computer. Since this computer runs my business, this information needs to be backed up constantly.

Rick has solved that problem. He remotely backs up all our computers to a separate server. This happens several times a day and during the night. The server is also backed up on a separate hard drive. All in all, our information is backed up on three separate places every day.

Is this excessive? No way! I have lost information in a hard drive crash in the past and I never want that to happen again. Rick has solved that. Once we got home, Rick opened up my computer tower  and replaced the power supply.


After a few tense moments, we powered up the computer and all was well. All information was intact and the computer is fine.  Whew!

Now I’m off to back up my laptop!