Yesterday, we woke up before 3am, left the house at 4am and caught a 6am flight to Virginia. I’m looking forward to teaching at the Colonial Piecemakers on Friday and Saturday. However, Rick and I decided to go a few days early and do some touring before my classes.

Our first stop was the Jamestown Settlement, first permanent settlement on America, 1608. It is on the banks of the James River.

Jamestown Settlement          

While there, we watched some of the archaeological digs and met the “Chicken Lady.”

Here is a recreated barrack. Rick was interested in the construction.

Late in the afternoon, we went to Colonial Williamsburg. As we arrived, a fife and drum corp was marching down the street.

We also saw a new-born lamb.

All in all, Colonial Williamsburg is a magical place.

More in a bit.  .  .