I try to exercise 5 to 6 days a week. Most mornings, you will find me walking 2-3 miles before 8am. When it is rainy or snowy, I ride our exercise bike or use our mini tramp. (On that note, why I don’t weight 98 pounds is beyond me, but that is a topic for another day!)

To pass the time, I listen to my iPod Nano.

iPod Nano

So now to the question, what’s on my iPod?

I have a workout playlist, featuring high octane performances by Christine Aguilera ( Fighter ), Kelly Clarkson ( Since U Been Gone ), Chris Daughtry ( “Over You“, “It’s Not Over” )

Lately, however, I’ve been listening to Podcasts. 45 minutes passes in an flash.  I just love multi-tasking!

My current fav Podcasts:

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.


The Offical Lost Podcast


And The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack

Some lingering Lost questions (and why I keep watching!)

  •  Where is the island?
  • What is the smoke monster?
  • What is the healing force of the island?
  • Who is Darma. . .really?
  • Who build the four-toed monument?
  • How did the Black Rock end up in the jungle?
  • Who is Jacob?

I have tons of songs on my iPod as well. Some of favorites.  .  .