Yesterday afternoon, Rick and I decided to meet our son, Josh in Nashville and go to the Nashville Auto Show.

On the way, we made a detour to Wild Oats, my favorite market!

Wild Oats market

Well, I went into the Market, Rick decided to go next-door and visit the electronics store!

 Heading into Wild Oats is a sensory treat with all the colors and wonderful smells.


Look! Three kinds of asparagus!


The floral department is a treat. Look at this unusual flower.  .  . a kangaroo paw.

Kangaroo Paws

I love the cheese department and picked up some of my favorite cheeses.

Wild Oats cheese department

The chocolate aisle is fantastic. Love the emergency chocolate!


After leaving the market, we headed into Nashville. The view from the sky-walk into the convention center is beautiful.

Downtown Nashville, Tennessee

The convention center is right across the street from the historic Ryman Auditorium.  The tall building is the A T & T building, but everyone calls it “The Batman Building”. Can you see why?

Ryman Auditorium

As we were walking along the sky-walk, I spotted some beautiful carpet, three floors down. Love it and love the lights!


After looking down, I looked up and saw this amazing sight.


After entering the car show, I lost track of Rick and Josh. Oh here they are.  .  .can’t get them away from the Corvettes!


Looks like Rick has found one he likes!


Oh my, this Saturn Sky is cute!