I’ve just returned from a fantastic conference, Quilting Advetures.  .  .Texas Style. It was held at the T Bar M Ranchin New Braunfels, Texas.

T Bar M Ranch

It is a beautiful place! This is the building, where my class was held.

T Bar M Rance

I worked with 10 amazing women during the 5 day class. We focused on my Patchwork Illusions technique and my Celtic Pieced Illusions technique. Each person selected their own colors and designed their quilts. It is always fun for me to see what each student creates!

They worked hard and produced some beautiful work.

classroom #1

 classroom #2

The last morning, we took photos of each person with their work.

Mary Ellen Clifford

Mary Ellen Clifford created a 7 cube design with rotating light sources. She also created the quilt Celtic Vision in her own colors. Love both of them!

 Ginny Daly

Ginny Daly created 3 cubes and rotated the light source to the center. Notice the fourth transparent cube in the center! She also worked on a Celtic Illusions quilt, we see it in progress.  Beautiful!

Linda Diaz

Linda Diaz worked on 3-D cubes in two different sizes. Love the small cubes with the large ones! She created an original Celtic Pieced Illusions design, here it is in progress. Fantastic!

Anna Lee Fahey

Anna Lee Fahey pieced 10 different small cubes and placed them in an amazing design. Notice the different light sources and the impossible figures that appear and disappear. She added some small cubes on the side, just for fun.

She also created a Celtic Illusions quilt in beautiful greens, and golds. Love both designs!

Charlotte Keener

Charlotte Keener created four 3-D cubes and placed them with multiple light sources. The dark background really makes the cubes “pop”. Charlotte also created an interwoven heart Celtic Pieced Illusions quilt. Love them!

Carole Weaver

Carole Weaver created a beautiful original Celtic Pieced Illusions quilt. I love the colors and the design!

Lee Whittle

Lee Whittle created a multiple cube tower with pieced 3-D cubes. They also have multiple light sources. Beautiful!

She also made a beautiful Celtic Pieced Illusions quilt, using several lovely batiks.

Marilyn Wilson

Marilyn Wilson made several large 3-D cubes in different colors and blocks. I love the Friendship Star, the Ohio Star and the Nine-Patch blocks in the different colors!

She also created a beautiful Celtic Illusions design in several colors. Notice the weaving on the center design. Love it!

Martha Cropper

Martha Cropper created a beautiful Celtic Illusions design with a gradating background. It is fantastic! She also pieced 3-D cubes in several different colors, it is in process and she plans to add two more cubes. Notice the rotating light sources!

Sandra Hammond

Sandra Hammond pieced 4 different 3-D cubes and plans to add more 3-D corners. I love the different design elements and impossible figures in this design.

She also created a lovely Celtic Illusions quilt. Love both designs!

Here is our class photo:

Quilting Adventures class photo

While at Quilting Adventures, I had the privilege of teaching with Sue Benner, Joen Wolfrom, Rachel Clark, Debby Caffrey, and Paula Scaffidi. I snapped their photo while we were enjoying the sunshine and waiting on our rides to the airport. It was a pleasure to be with them!

waiting on our rides