I love Quilter’s Newsletter! In fact, I have ALL the issues, starting from the first issue, published in 1969. They are a wonderful resource and always filled with good information and lots of inspiration.

 I had a wonderful surprise when I opened the April 2008 issue.

Cover of April 2008 Quilters Newsletter

On page 70 and 71, I found an amazing pattern called Kismet, an original quilt by Eileen Fowler.

page 70, April 2008, Quilters Newsletter

The quilt is beautiful! I started reading the pattern and to my surprise, Eileen credited me as one of her inspirations for this quilt. Wow! I am humbled and honored!

caption, April 2008, Quilters Newsletter

Hmm,  won’t Shade Cascade™ be perfect??

Charcoal, Shade Cascade

Paprika, Shade Cascade

Shade Cascade, Sky