It is raining again, so it is gloomy outside.

Only one way to fight the gloom outside, work on my new quilt design. Inside, the sun shines. . .

 Quilt by Karen Combs

After I had the blocks on the design wall, I started on the background. I played with different ideas for the side corner pieces. Nothing seemed right until I got out the color wheel.


Since my blocks are blue and yellow, I looked at several options.  I could use analogous colors or I could use color compliments. I decided to use the compliment of Yellow, which is purple.

My Shade Cascade™ fabric line has a beautiful purple, PANSY.

BTR-4850 Shade Cascade by Karen Combs

I decided to try it. Perfect!

To increase interest in outer edges of the quilt and extend the gradated theme of the quilt, I decided to gradate the border. I used the light, medium, medium-dark and dark around the edges of the quilt.

Next step, decide whether to extend the border with more Pansy fabric. . .after that write and illustrate the pattern.

Each step, an adventure. . .