Most mornings that I am not traveling,  I walk our dog, Cocoa. This morning, I grabbed my new camera and shot some photos on our walk.

It is cold, but the sun was out and the little bit of snow we got yesterday has melted. I did spot some ice on the yard.


 Our winters in middle Tennessee are usually mild, with a few weeks of very cold weather in February and March. The past few days have been gloomy, cold and wet, it was good to see the sun this morning.

At the end of our street overlooks a valley. With the leaves off the trees, I spotted a new house on a near-by hill. It must have been built since last winter.


On Tuesday, I posted the view from our hillside on a gray winter day. This morning, the photo looks in a different direction with the sun shining.

 Tennessee in winter

The hills in the distance are 15-20 miles away. On a clear day, I can see some of the houses on the distance hills. As I got to our back porch, I found the cold weather had done a number on my potted herbs. First of all, I’m shocked the rosemary has wintered over. It is beautiful and green. However, the pot is shot. As soon as we get some warm weather, I’ll re-pot it.


I love the design that has been revealed under the glaze.  .  .hmmm, I need to remember that for future quilting designs.