We moved to Tennessee from Michigan 18 years ago. While I love Michigan summers, the winters can be brutal!

 Here in Tennessee, we do have winter, but we seldom have snow. Mostly we have cold, gloomy, rainy days with a few “teaser” warm days thrown in for good measure.

The past few weeks have been cold and gloomy. We live on a hill and have a beautiful view of the rolling hills, farms and countryside. Today, I decided to walk up the hill and take a photo of the landscape. Even gray and gloomy can be beautiful. . .

Gray winter day in Tennessee



I long for the sun. I know spring is around the corner for us, BUT I really want some sun!

Several days ago, I decided to bring the sun to me. One of my new fabric collections called Shade Cascade™. I love this fabric! It has a light, two mediums and a dark all on one fabric. I have 4 values of each color all within one fabric. Did I mention, I love it!



Shade Cascade - Glow


I decided to play with two colors, the blue (SKY) and the golden yellow (GLOW.) These colors are exactly the colors I saw on my visits to sunnier places. Glow looks like a beam of sunshine. I decided, if I can’t have them outside, I’ll create them myself.

I fired up EQ6 and started playing with a Log Cabin block. By shading each block from light to dark, it creates a movement, an inner light and a suggestion of depth.  After playing with different settings and color combinations, I came up with one I loved.

These blocks are fast and it only took a few days to cut them out and sew them into blocks. I have most of them on my design wall and love what I see.



I’m still playing with it, but I feel better already.  .  .with the sun shining in my sewing studio!